5.5MHz precision twin op-amps for automotive use

Diodes AS2376Q dual precision automotive opamp

Referred to as AS2376Q, the gadget is meant for filtering and management, notably in automotive purposes – it’s certified AEC-Q100 Grade 1 and has automotive-grade supporting PPAPs.

Each enter and output are rail-to-rail, and operation is over 2.2 to five.5V (950μA max quiescent) and 40°C to +125°C.

Energy provide rejection ratio is usually 5μV/V. “Low voltage operation, low quiescent present and glorious PSRR makes it appropriate for direct battery-powered purposes and noise-sensitive purposes with noisy low-voltage rails,” based on the corporate.

When inputs method one volt lower than the constructive rail, a differential pair of nmos transistors takes over from the trimmed pmos pair used in any respect decrease enter voltage. The npn pair doesn’t have precision traits and offset voltage is prone to endure. Pnp enter offset trimming is optimised for finest efficiency at half provide voltage.

Packaging is SO-8.

For extra correct automotive amplifier wants, Diodes has simply certified its AS2333 (launched in 2021) to make the AS2333Q twin chopper-stabilised rail-to-rail (out and in) precision op-amp.

Specs of the unique are usually 8µV enter offset, 0.02µV/°C drift over time and temperature, 120dB common-mode rejection ratio and 130dB open-loop acquire. Bandwidth is 350kHz, and it usually slews at as much as 0.12V/μs. Operation over 1.8V to five.5V (or ±0.9V to ±2.75V) and -40°C to +125°C.


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