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Constructing a posh net utility, you’ve in all probability encountered the truth that one thing didn’t work as deliberate. You’ve spent hours and hours on the lookout for a bug in your code after which on the web looking for assist with fixing the issue. To make it simpler for you, on this article we clarify some efficient strategies of debugging an online utility that considerably scale back the ache of debugging and shorten the time of detecting points.


First, a generally used javascript technique console.log. You’ll be able to insert a technique in your code with the given variable. Throughout code execution, the applying will return the worth of the variables specified inside the strategy within the console. That is the simplest method to examine if this system returns the anticipated worth.

Sadly, this isn’t a really efficient technique of debugging. Such an method t doesn’t permit us to see the progress of code execution (except we insert console.log each few strains, however then the quantity of information thrown within the console might be unreadable and we’ll solely make a large number within the code.) Moreover, it returns solely the handed variable, supplied that the applying doesn’t throw an error whereas executing the code.

Tip no. 1

When you have many console.logs put the identify in a string and the following variable, e.g., console.log(‘variable’, variable).

Chrome DevTools (Supply Tab)

A extra environment friendly technique for debugging an online utility is to make use of Chrome DevTools and Supply Tab. Earlier than we begin debugging within the supply tab, we have to add node_modules to black boxing. We add this rule in order that when going via breakpoints it doesn’t present us information from exterior packages, which makes debugging tough. We have to open settings in Chrome → Blackboxing → Add patterns after which write there /node_modules.

If you add node_modules to black boxing we are able to go to the Supply Tab. Let’s assume you need to comply with in actual time the method of your operate, and examine the outputs. Press Ctrl + O within the supply tab, and enter a supply file identify. Then put the breakpoints on the strains of code that curiosity, you and you can begin executing the method in your browser. When the strains you chose begin processing, the browser will cease executing the code. See the screenshot beneath.

As you’ll be able to see, the present line of code the place the browser has stopped has a blue background. On the fitting facet, there’s a bar the place our command heart is situated. Right here is our transient introduction.


On the prime of the bar, you’ve the controls part. Let’s give attention to the essential parts. The primary Resume management takes us to the following marked breakpoint inside the scope of the code being executed. The second management Step over subsequent operate name takes us to the following line of the code being executed. The final Deactive breakpoints management deactivates the chosen breakpoints. It’s a helpful management when we have now many breakpoints chosen, and we need to return to clicking via the applying for some time with out pausing at each breakpoint.


We now have a scopes part beneath. We now have a number of kinds of scopes: native (the presently carried out operate), and closures relying on the scope by which we’re (for instance, the guardian of the presently carried out operate or a part). In every of those scopes, the browser reveals us all variables occurring in them.


The final part mentioned is breakpoints. It reveals what breakpoints and in what information are marked. Utilizing checkboxes, we are able to simply deactivate and reactivate them.

Ideas no. 2-5

  • Should you use immutable.js in your mission, set up the Immutable.js Object Formatter plugin and activate it in browser settings. It will considerably simplify the debugging of immutable objects. 
  • If you don’t use immutable.js in your mission and you utilize Visible Studio Code as IDE, We strongly advocate putting in and configuring Debugger for Chrome (VSC doesn’t have an immutable.js formatting plugin). It simplifies debugging even additional and permits for sooner code modifications. 
  • If the supply tab doesn’t present your native information examine the supply map in your mission.
  • When the browser stops on a breakpoint you’ve entry to variables additionally within the console.

React Developer Instruments

React Developer Instruments are additionally useful options. Such instruments will let you simply view the React tree construction in your mission, the states, and props within the part. The Choose a component within the web page to examine it operate is highly effective, particularly while you don’t know the entire mission. It helps you discover the part it’s essential replace.

Tip no. 6

Should you use Vue.js, you should use Vue.js devtools. The extension has comparable features and entry to Vuex (the redux equal in react).

Redux DevTools

Should you use Redux in your mission, Redux DevTools is a must have. Such an answer lets you observe the complete stream of actions, standing modifications, payload, and examine the present retailer after every motion carried out. If one thing doesn’t work as we assume, and every part appears superb within the code, it’s value contemplating what actions are dispatching, with what payload. Generally there are easy errors like copying the fixed from the above motion, renaming with out altering the worth, after which calling one thing fully totally different. Beneath is a gif displaying an important Redux DevTools features.

Redux DevTools

Tip no. 7

In case your utility runs numerous actions, the extension might not operate correctly on account of inadequate reminiscence to course of that many actions. You’ll be able to attempt to configure it within the extension choices (on this case, the maxAge possibility.)


The final device we wish to introduce is Fiddler. The device was created to handle community visitors. This can be very helpful when we have now some manufacturing bugs and we can’t copy the manufacturing knowledge to a decrease atmosphere to debug domestically. In such a scenario, to have entry to manufacturing knowledge within the native atmosphere, we set the visitors within the AutoResponder tab. If you open the web page, as an alternative of downloading the js file from the server, Fidler connects our domestically constructed manufacturing file. Additional debugging is completed within the chrome dev instruments supply tab. Beneath is a screenshot with the setting to redirect visitors to the native file. This system additionally permits for mock endpoints.

Tip no. 8

If you wish to create mocks of endpoints in a straightforward and quick approach, you should use a mock moon program.

Abstract of  an agile debugging of an online utility

For many people, the method of debugging an online utility is related to a headache and lengthy hours spent in entrance of the pc. Nevertheless, this course of could be shortened and made extra nice in case you have the fitting instruments and know-how to make use of them. Typically they’re at your fingertips and at no cost. We shared with you an important and helpful instruments that we use each day.


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